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Is a track ever really finished? It’s a question that unfortunately plagues every stage of the creative process. From writing, through recording and mixing, the temptation to dabble, rework, experiment, scrap and start all over again is often too much for some music makers to battle against. And with technology increasingly delivering the power we need to minutely adjust every part of the track, this temptation to never actually finish anything is on the rise.
It’s a good job, therefore, that the rise of mastering and its adoption by even the most casual of tune-makers has given us a final ‘full stop’ to our music making. Mastering is the definitive underscoring of your work. After mastering, there is nothing more that can be done and all your niggling doubts have to be discarded as your newly minted tune begins its life as released music.
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Aguarecords Studios now offers the possibility of MASTERING your music at a professional level ONLINE!
High Definition Sound and cutting edge equipments at your service to achieve superb sound desired for every project.

Send your mix and we enhance your sound quality to the Highest Level!
24 BIT AIFF - WAV files are highly recommended.
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Mastering is the final step of your Music/Audio Production.
A form of audio post-production, it is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the MASTER)
The best mastering engineers possess arrangement and record production skills, allowing them to 'trouble-shoot' mix issues and improve the final sound. Generally, good mastering skills are based on experience which can be the result of many years of practice.
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MASTERED FOR iTUNES - Mastering for Digital Delivery
Available at Aguarecords® Mastering Studios

Digital distribution is no longer an afterthought. It is today's dominant medium for consuming music and as such needs to be treated with utmost care and attention. For decades, the standard for consumer digital audio has been the compact disc, and most mastering has been done with CDs in mind.
In recent years the quality of digital music delivery has vastly increased, as has the number of digital music sales, with iTunes being a key driver of those sales. With more than 16 billion downloads encoded as AAC to date worldwide, AAC is the new standard for digital music. It only makes sense to create masters specifically for this format.
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If you desire to master your music with us, send an email at:

Federico Vaona, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter
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Aguarecords® Mastering On Line