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Making the music is only half the battle.  Making it sound good to everyone is the other half.  The mix engineer is not subjective or tainted by the creation process that cripples the opinions of the artist, producer and recording engineer.  You and your crew are to close to the project.  You have already formed an opinion based on the process that you have been a part of.  Don’t throw away the songs potential by keeping the mixing inside the group.  Get it to a good mix engineer!
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Aguarecords Studios now offers the possibility of MIXING your tracks at a professional level ONLINE!
High Definition Sound and state of the art technology at your service to achieve superb sound results for your work.
Our digital systems are based on Apple Mac Pro with Logic X software.
We try to define and maximise your audio mix maintaining the creative ambience and bringing a powerful and natural (((spaced))) sound.
The goal is making a natural dynamic sound maximised to standard high quality defined image.
Send your tracks and we will mix your song, film or post-pro to the Highest Standards!
24 BIT AIFF - WAV files are highly recommended.
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Mixing is the most important audio process to complete a song or any type of audio post-production balance.
After the recording process, mixing is balancing and achieving the optimum proportion of all tracks within the audio spectrum.
-When you're spending months on a project you get so mired in the detail that you can't bring all the enthusiasm to the final MIXING stage that you'd like. You need somebody else to take over those responsibilities so that you can sit back and regain your objectivity-

JOE CHICCARELLI - Producer and Audio Mixing Engineer

If you desire to master your music with us, send an email at:

Federico Vaona, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter
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Aguarecords® Mixing On Line